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Build your own gift box

Start building your care package in two simple steps

If you want to create a custom gift box filled with warm and thoughtful gifts, you've come to the right place. Simply follow the two easy steps below and we will carefully package everything up for you and get it delivered to the lucky gift recipient.

Step 1: Customize Your Gift Box

If you're creating your own custom gift set, make sure you purchase this classic gift box, available in 2 sizes and multiple customization options (indicate your preferences below). The gift box includes:

  • re-usable gift box in your of white or kraft
  • ribbon in your choice of satin teal, white grosgrain or black grosgrain
  • crinkle filling
  • gift tag. Please indicate below what you'd like written in the to/from fields on the gift tag or write 'leave blank' if you're not sending the gift directly to the recipient and will be filling it in yourself

For that extra personalized touch we recommend getting a card as well (sold separately).

How many items fit in the gift boxes?

Regular box: 2-4 items

Large box: 5-12 items

Pro tip: You can always add this gift box at the end, once you've selected the items to go in it - just don't forget! You can easily find it right on the home page.

Step 2: The fun part!

Now you get to choose from our large selection of unique and cheerful gifts. Shop by occasion, theme, or style.

Need some inspiration to get started? Have a look through our curated gift boxes.