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Build your own gift box - START HERE

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Build your own gift box

If you're creating your own custom gift set, make sure you purchase this classic gift box starter pack, available in 2 sizes. Then simply purchase the items you'd like in the box and we'll take care of the rest! The gift box starter includes:

  • re-usable gift box in your of white or kraft (make your choice below). 
  • ribbon in your choice of satin teal, white grosgrain or black grosgrain (choose below)
  • crinkle filling
  • gift tag. Please indicate below what you'd like written in the to/from fields on the gift tag or write 'leave blank' if you're not sending the gift directly to the recipient and will be filling it in yourself

For that extra personalized touch we recommend getting a card as well (sold separately).

If you're wondering what happened to the black gift boxes, we no longer carry them due to quality issues with that particular colour.

How many items fit in the gift boxes?

Regular size

The regular sized gift box will fit only 2 large items (e.g., tea, coffee, wine glass, mug, jar candle, cookies, traditional maple syrup), plus 3-6 small items (e.g., lip balm, notebook, chocolate bar).

Large size

The larger gift box will fit about 3-4 large items (e.g., tea, coffee, mugs, jar candles, cookies), plus quite a few smaller items. We haven't had any issues packaging up large orders, but if you have any questions feel free to reach out over chat or send an email to If you're not sure which size to go with, go with your gut and we'll take care of the rest!

Your items will be packaged in the box with care :) If there are any items you'd like packaged separately, simply leave a note on the cart page or email

Now the fun part!

Now you get to choose from our large selection of unique and cheerful gifts. Shop by occasion or theme, or choose from our selection of gifts made in Canada.  

Please note the gift box itself is not manufactured in Canada.